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Imagine . Conceive . Implement


Talent, Business and Value Generation are intricately linked.

Talent Strategy serves as a directional vision and road map for creating value for and through employees. A clearly articulated talent strategy serves as the engine that enables the organization to have the desired impact, create value, and fulfill its purpose ultimately for employees, customers and stakeholders.

We begin by examining what's working well and not well inside the organization from a talent perspective including the direction, vision and mission of the organization. We bring in research related to external leading practices and marry the internal and external lens to build coherent, relevant and practical talent strategy that will align talent, business and lead to value generation over time. 


Providing oversight, management and implementation of strategic HR projects through partnership and active collaboration with client leaders to meet demanding project priorities, deadlines and objectives effectively.  

This usually involves:

  • Project scope definition, approvals and planning of multiple simultaneous projects of varying complexity. 

  • Ongoing management of projects during its lifecycle including resolution of issues as they arise, managing matrix project teams and stakeholders and escalating, when necessary for resolution.

  • Providing regular status updates to senior leaders and stakeholders of the projects in motion.

  • Building and managing a robust change management and/or communication plan for projects to ensure that projects can be completed successfully.

  • Building communication and executive materials to share updates and/or concerns.


Organization Development is about partnering with key stakeholders within an organization to diagnose and uncover challenges that hamper organizational effectiveness. OD intervention is about developing strategic and/or operational interventions that help enhance effectiveness and culture, performance, productivity, and employee engagement levels.
As an OD partner, we analyze the needs of the business to design and deliver impactful, practical organization effectiveness and change solutions. This includes working with individuals, teams, functional units, and the organization as a whole to facilitate change and increase effectiveness.


Talent Strategy serves as a directional vision and road map for creating value for and through employees. Talent Management solutions bring talent strategy to life and help answer question related to "what do we need to focus on" and "how" do we derive maximum value from a talent lens. Working with Ideate, we will partner together to imagine, conceive and implement talent solutions that align with your talent and organizational strategy and ultimately generate value for your organization. Talent solutions focus on attraction or retention of talent and may address any one or more of the following areas -

  • Competency modelling and assessment to establish foundational behaviors and expectations at each level and roles in the organization; 

  • Shaping an employer brand through recruitment and selection practices and processes to ensure that the organization can attract the people they need when they need them;

  • Performance management and Recognition strategy, design and implementation and developing clear mechanisms and practices for managing, rewarding performance;​​

  • Leadership development strategy and implementation including investing time and resources into up-scaling and up-skilling talent continually to develop competence and capabilities;

  • Succession management, planning and talent reviews for identifying and developing talent with the competence and capability to lead the organization into the future; 

  • Talent maturity assessments that highlight current state and desired state maturity of talent programs and processes;

  • Employee engagement to name a few. 


As a professional accredited coach, our role is to help individuals and leaders gain clarity and direction as they seek to develop in their careers and/or life paths. 
The coaching conversation is an "authentic" "creation" conversation meant to help clients identify what they would like to create at work or in their lives. This thoughtful process focuses on acceptance of "what is" so they can start to create what they want at work or in life. As a result of this deliberate process, we deepen our self-awareness, discover what is available, uncover beliefs that may be holding us back, get clarity on what might be missing and finally unleash the power to move forward.

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